Life is Beautiful !

life-is-beautifulLife is beautiful; make the most of it because it is given to us only once by Our Creator. So, irrespective of age, sex or origin, live life to the fullest, taking each day as it comes, making use of all that is offered to us and fulfilling the purpose of our being here on this planet earth. Life has been moving on a fast track in this modern age and we tend to lose track of time due to our hectic schedules of life and overlook the passing phases of our life as we progress in age. At times we fail to pay heed to our aging process and many a times it hits us hard when we realize the advancement in our age at certain point of time when faced with certain ailments which brings us to the realization of our aging process in life. But these alerts need not drive us to panic and we can still take our life with positive attitudes where we can age gracefully and life a pleasant life. Life after 60 years can give many senior citizens cause for worry with all the ailments afflicting them, making them slow down on many activities of life. While some may tend to feel unhappy, either health wise or financially, here are a few tips which need to be taken in account.
Health is Wealth so precaution should be taken to maintain a good health with medicine, exercise and a healthy diet. Most of the natural remedies are available in our kitchen shelf combined with generous quantity of water to wash off our system on and off. Finance is important for all purpose especially for self respect. Spending should not be done beyond one’s means even for grown up children nor should your responsibilities be handed over to them before time. Relax and recreate more with religious attitude, good music, laughter and enough sleep. Accept the changes in life and do not fear death which is inevitable since we all are sojourners in this world and have to return back to our Creator. Take each day as a new day since today is ready cash, so use it profitably. Yesterday is a cancelled cheque, while tomorrow is a promissory note, so live the moment fully making the most of everything that one is bestowed with.

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