Lifestyle of Greenland

Greenland is a giant continent type of ice berg where normal life is practically almost impossible. This kind of harsh climatic conditions is due to the north Arctic winds which blow from the North poles and thus the region is not a place of cultivation and blooming. People here don’t even have a decent earning of anything and they depend on fishing and hunting for their daily meets. They tend to stay indoors most of the day when its winter. Then, the lifestyle followed here is the generally the same followed at the poles. They try to keep themselves warm from the harsh weather so they try to cover themselves with tough clothes and animal hiding. These hidings are got from their hunting experience and they don’t try to change their dressing lifestyles because they might die due to this sort of very low temperature.
They tend to feed on any kind of meat because vegetables are not possible to grow there. They have to feed on meat from fishes and other arctic animals present in their regions. They have a hard life and thus they don’t have any economy and job to live on except their hunts. Other business cannot survive due to the same climatic reasons only. They don’t even want to venture out by traveling because of their merge income and other factors. They cannot even have club parties at night because of the drastic drop of temperature at nights. They don’t even want to have a social interaction about their lives and they are very reserved people. They cannot even have a chance to interact with other people because of lack of tourists to their regions. Lifestyles of green land people doesn’t change because of its lack of access to the outside world and their harsh climatic conditions overall.

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